Thermal Evaporation Plant

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The Thermal Evaporation Plant is a multi-node structure which converts Water into Brine and Brine into liquid Lithium. Currently, only solar energy is supported.

A Thermal Evaporation Plant in a jungle.


The plant consists of a Thermal Evaporation Plant Controller, Heat Casings, Thermal Evaporation Plant Inputs and Thermal Evaporation Plant Outputs. It is a 4x4 structure with a minimum and maximum height of 3 and 18, respectively. The first layer is a solid 4x4 of Heat Casings. The controller must be placed on said floor directly and onto a side. The center must be left hollow. As the top layer you can place Solar Generators in order to increase the heat inside the plant. More heat = more production per second. The plant can go up to 1000 Kelvin.

If the controller fails to verify your structure (PUNCH the controller), try placing it on different sides.