Fission Reactor

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Simple diagram of a properly cooled Fission Reactor.

The Nuclear (Fission) Reactor is a type of Nuclear Reactor in Elepower used for power generation. The reactor itself is composed of three nodes:

  1. Fission Control Module - Used for controlling the power of the reactor (top)
  2. Fission Reactor Core - The core of the reactor (middle)
  3. Reactor Fluid Port - Used to turn Cold Coolant into Hot Coolant (bottom)


The Reactor Core takes Fissile Fuel Rods and turns them into Depleted Fuel Rods after 2 hours (7200 seconds). The reactor assembly needs to have an 8x8x8 area of Water Source nodes surrounding it in order to keep the reactor cool. If the reactor heat reaches above 80%, it will start to melt down. The Control Rods can be raised or lowered to control the power output of the reactor core. Lowered control rods mean that the reactor is slowed down and raised mean that the reactor is accelerated.

This reactor is inspired by the real world Pressurized water reactor design.