Enrichment Plant

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Enrichment Plant
Enrichment Plant.png
Elepower Machine
Capacity 64,000 EpU
Power Consumption 1000 EpU/s
Type Enrichment

The Enrichment Plant is a machine needed to create Fuel Rods used in the Fission Reactor. It takes Uranium Lumps and turns them into Uranium Dust, which can then be used with an Empty Fuel Rod to create Fissile Fuel Rods. It can also be used to recycle other forms of Uranium Dust.

When you dig a Uranium Ore block you will receive a Uranium Lump, place four lumps into the Enrichment Plant. When it is done processing you will receive 1 Enriched Uranium Dust and 3 Depleted Uranium Dust.

You can place 4 Depleted Uranium Dust back into the Plant and receive - 1 Enriched, 1 Depleted and 2 Nuclear Waste dust.